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FoMO| fōmō |or ‘Fear of Missing Out’

pervasive anxiety, exponentially compounded by voyeurism in social media, that something better is always happening somewhere else. 


What is that agitation I feel whilst spending time on social media, looking at projections of my ‘friends’ lives? How does hyper-connectivity, and the feeling of being seen online, change my perception of myself?  I wanted to feel my friends’ embodied presence, in contrast to the constant presence of their absence via my digital social life. If we shared my life, could I see it through their eyes? Could I take on their qualities and aesthetics, in the residue of a shared experience? Could I create a performance as if I were someone else? 


FoMO, mofos! (Fear of Missing Out, motherf***ers!) is a solo based on 5 duets.

Part homage, part identity theft.  


5 artists spent a week with me, one by one. They traveled from Leeds, Berlin, Brussels and Rotterdam to Liverpool's Metal Culture, befittingly housed within a train station. For the 5th collaboration, we travelled together to France work in residency at Au Brana. 

I was drawn to each artist by a spark of mutual admiration and recognition -- perhaps a common wildness, or a sense of belonging to the edges?


Following our instincts and interests in the studio, we shared practice, daily life and outside diversions.  

After each artist departed, I created a chapter of the solo. It was a complex and fascinating process to integrate the accumulated material into a coherent solo work.


Photo: Mark Loudon Image: Mary Pearson

Supported by

Arts Council England, and made possible by a Time & Space residency at Metal Culture

further support in residencies at Au Brana Cultural Centre (FR) and The Unity Theatre (Liverpool)

Inspired by collaborations with

Stéphanie Auberville (Brussels)

Lea Kieffer (Berlin)

Deborah Black (NYC)

Hannah Buckley (Leeds)

Anthony Cairns (Liverpool)

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