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Crooner, Swooner, Crybaby
Torch Singer  &  Epic  Fantasist

Burt Turdgirth


is a drag king crooner.

A swooner, crybaby, torch singer & epic fantasist.


As a Liverpool local phenomena, Burt has made appearances at: ‘Eat Me’ The Art Edition and The Musicals Edition at District, Top Joe’s ‘Mass’ downstairs at the Everyman, Mooncup Theatre’s ‘Strike a Pose’ fundraiser for striking workers at Quarry, and Hope Street Harmonies’ Christmas concerts, as well as international appearances at a kundalini yoga retreat in Germany and a wedding in Sweden.


Burt sings lyrics that move him, enabling him to feel the depth of his inner emotional life. He cries publicly as an antidote to toxic masculinity. Perhaps is an act of collective healing to watch a man from the 70s cry - hard.

Or at least, he seems to make children laugh.

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