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Anthropo+Screen by-products is an ongoing performance research project, dialogue and collaboration with garment designer Alena Kudera, under alias KUDERA + MPEARSONATER.


In 2020-21 we are joined by new collaborator Yoav Admoni  to create an immersive performance installation highlighting consumerism, plastic waste, fast fashion, and environmental crisis.

A fashion collection made from single use plastics and materials destined for the landfill. Worn in endless combinations, the garments and accessories give sensory feedback to the body to inspire movement. Dancers shapeshift into mysterious organisms, high fashion silhouettes, shamanic figures, or piles of rubbish.


We aim to bring the climate crisis to a bodily level, to access emotional responses, and empathy for humans as animals ensnared by their own disposable by-products. 

Photo: Alena Kudera Image: Mary Pearson

Photo: Alena Kudera
Photo: Alena Kudera

Image: Mary Pearson, wearing plastic shopping bags and food wrappers, styrofoam and plastic balls, blue ties, in sand by jagged rocks on Welsh coastline

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Photo: Mark Loudon
Photo: Mark Loudon

Image: Laura Doehler in theatre wearing head mask of latex gloves, woven yellow plastic and blue ties, bare arm in front of projection of her image in forest

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video still: Anya Cloud
video still: Anya Cloud

Image: Mary Pearson, wearing 'Latex Swan' close up of dancing at water's edge on Dorset coast

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Project History



episode ii 

August 31st - September 12th, 2020

Ponderosa Dance, Stolzenhagen, Germany.

Residency culminating in site-specific outdoor performance.



episode i

may 27th- June 1st, 2019

Filming in mature growth forest, Llandysul, Wales.


june 24-29th, 2019

Filming on Jurassic heritage coastline, Dorset, UK. 


Sept 23- October 4th

Residencies in LJMU Sudley Theatre, and Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Sept 23, 2019  ‘rough cuts’ screening of video shorts at Metal Culture

Oct 4, 2019  work-in-progress performance installation at Unity Theatre

Coming soon...


episode iii 

KUDERA+MPEARSONATER return with a new fashion collection. More sinister in volume and scale, it is made from waste materials including : old trainers, jeans, tights, socks, video tapes, cable ties, leather, tents, and coffee packaging. 


The collection creates an immersive sensory experience from its textures, volumes, weights and appendages.


In a process of becoming we engage with the afterlife or decay of sensation: dancing as remembering.


Could we feel our human bodies as an endangered species, between hungry extremes of excess and fragility? Can we find empathy inside our entanglement?