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I first collided with Contact Improvisation in 1995, as a student at Oberlin College (US).


I took my first class there with professor and scholar Ann Cooper Albright. My love for CI took root a decade later with practice communities at the ‘Wednesday jam’ in Berne (CH) and with LIC, the Liverpool Improvisation Collective (UK). I studied with Nancy Stark Smith (beloved teacher, d. 2020) at the 2012 'January workshop', and have been inspired by many teachers and choreographers over many years at Ponderosa Dance and Freiburg festival in Germany including Benoit LeChambre, BodyCartography Project, Eva Karczag, Eszter Gál and Peter Pleyer, Jess Curtis, Jules Beckman, Kathleen Hermesdorf (beloved teacher, d. 2020), Keith Hennessy, Lisa Nelson, Sara Shelton Mann, and Stephanie Maher.

Like I've heard several other CI practitioners saying:

"I'm not really a CI teacher."


And yet:


I began teaching CI in 2009 at Liverpool John Moore’s University, and have since taught locally in Liverpool, in universities and internationally including WCCIJam 2017 (California), Freiburg festival 2016 (Germany), The Berkeley Jam, Exit Map/Moving On, LCI and CI Society Goldsmith’s (London), Improvisation Exchange Leeds, and The Glasgow Jam. 

I love to share practice through teaching. 

I learnt about curation and artist-led organizing from engaging with CI communities.

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