Ponderosa and Con|VERGE Residency

2013 - 2015

Con|VERGE is a structured artist residency at Ponderosa which is focused on collaboration and interdisciplinary performance. It is curated by Miriam Wolodarski (USA/SW) and Mary Pearson (UK/USA), who first met in collaboration at Earthdance. Inspired by the E/Merge residency, Con|VERGE adapts itself to the ethos and ecosystem of Ponderosa, and takes new shape in its 3rd year.

Our aim in holdingĀ Con|VERGEĀ at Ponderosa is to continue offering a supportive structure for artists who wish to exchange skills and art making practices, meet new collaborators, and live and work in a residential context that nurtures process as much as product. The networks created at past residencies have led to continued collaborations across continents.

Of particular interest to us for Con|VERGE 2015 is the idea of crossing boundaries - not just across art forms or nations, but across the divide between our art making practices and 'the outside world'. Where does your art making practice sit in a larger context? Is it related to social justice, philosophy, spiritual practice, or economics? How can a gathering of artists in an intensive creative process stay in relationship with 'the outside world'? While we might wish to gather in the countryside partly to take a vacation from the pressures of daily life, we invite this years' participants to consider using Con|VERGE to practice greater vision. How could the creative community of the residency model what we wish for in 'the outside world'?