FAILURE Lab is an exploratory, experimental workshop with a performance focus, open to curious people and practitioners from all backgrounds.


Body-based and multi-disciplinary improvisation.  Includes elements of: contact improvisation, dance, clowning, play, comedy improvisation, devising and choreography, visual composition, costume, voice and text work, and continuous writing. Inspired by an eclectic mix of philosophical thought from cultural, queer and feminist theory, and influences from contemporary performance and dance makers.

We create from the radical possibilities within the present, finding moments where virtuosity meets clumsiness, weirdness is perfect imperfection, embarrassment transforms itself into hilarity.

I wanted something that would challenge me and help me to think and move in different ways. My expectations were surpassed. I found the sessions physically and intellectually challenging. Overall I found hugely rewarding. I even experienced a few moments of utter joy/ pure euphoria whilst undertaking some of the exercises.”

– Dr Jennifer Allanson, Director, TupleSpace


Special Events

Check Calendar for news of special opportunities and events.

Past events have included guests artists: Abby Crain & Snake Talk ‘Fixity is Overrated’, Jules Beckman (FR/USA) ‘Everything Comes Alive when contradictions Accumulate’, Sebastian Garcia Ferro (Barcelona/AR) ‘Instant Composition’, and David Lakein (Chicago/Berlin) ‘Image-Making Laboratory’

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