How to Be Afraid?


is a duet performance with mayfield brooks (NYC) that explores our separate but connected histories of the transatlantic slave trade, finding hauntings in our current psyches.

Collaborated with Migrant Artists' Mutual Aid to create Proximity: New Directions in Art and Social Repair online conference, June 2020

Performed at Improspekcije festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb 2019

Works in progress performed at Metal Culture, Liverpool & Chisenhale Dance Space, London 2017

coming soon: research project with Independent Dance, London

Supported by Arts Council England


KUDERA + MPEARSONATER Anthropo+Screen by-products


New collaboration between fashion designer Alena Kudera and multi-disciplinary performance maker Mary Pearson, international artists based within Static Gallery and Metal at Edge Hill Station, Liverpool. 2020-21 we are joined by new collaborator Yoav Admoni for set design.

episode ii took place September 12, 2020 as a site-specific outdoor performance near Ponderosa Dance, Stolzenhagen, Germany.

documentation from episode i, 2019:


FoMO, mofos!


FoMO mofos! (Fear of Missing Out, mother***ers!) 

A kaleidoscopic meditation on the digital age state of being: modern myth, cautionary tale, and cinematic visual feast, created and performed by Mary Pearson




The Sand Dog Cometh

Toured 2014-2016

A multi disciplinary solo homage to the avante-garde, to kitsch, shtick, and academia, to snobbery, trash and easy laughs.

Written, directed and performed by Mary Pearson

visual collaboration with Anne Sophie Malmberg (DK/Berlin)


FAILURE (& other opportunities for non linear success)

Toured 2012-2015

Solo performance bringing together visual absurdity with contemporary dance, comedy and social commentary.

FASHION VICTIM, ASPIRING POP DIVA and CHRONIC UNDERACHIEVER is consumed by delusional fantasies of commercial success.




Ponderosa and Con|VERGE Residency

2013 - 2015

Co-curated by Mary Pearson and Miriam Wolodarski

Con|VERGE residency took place at Ponderosa Tanzland (Stolzenhagen, Germany) 2013-2015. Collaborative performance residency which offered interdisciplinary performance artists a chance to come together to make new work.

Taking on board the experiences from Con|VERGE, a new residency re-emerged and was launched in 2017:

REMIX residency 



Pop Corps

September 2, 2016

BLANK CANVAS residency at the Firkin Crane, Cork, Ireland

Supported by LICC bursary from the Bluecoat and Create Ireland

A continuation of 'Wild Trio' project, a site-specific work commissioned by Physical Fest 2015




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